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Web 3, Metaverse, AI & Happiness
Per tracciare nuove rotte non serve solo tanto coraggio e tanta immaginazione, ma sono necessari dati ed informazioni: qua trovate una selezione di reports che sono usciti a fine 2022 con proiezioni per il 2023, buona lettura.
Accenture Life Trends 2023: Control and Power
Emerging technologies are giving control to the people, with never-before-seen outcomes for businesses and individuals.

Artificial intelligence (AI) lets people express their natural creativity, web3 offers the chance to help shape the brands they love, and tokenization may soon hand them full control over their personal data.

These seemingly small shifts in control will alter power dynamics on a systemic level. Business leaders must wonder: How much of themselves will customers be willing to give to brands? How will brands build trust and leverage new technologies for growth?
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Outlook 2023: see the potential
Weaker growth, stronger markets by J.P. Morgan
2022 has brought new headwinds, some we haven’t seen in over 40 years.
As inflation proved more resilient than anticipated, rising to highs we haven’t seen
in decades, central banks aggressively raised rates to slow its progress. With both
stocks and bonds suffering significant losses, 2022 delivered one of the worst
years ever for balanced portfolios.
From a geopolitical perspective, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused great human
suffering and disrupted global markets.
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Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2022-2023
COVID has pushed the progression of AI across all sectors. The health crisis and
the automation trend significantly challenged business operating models. We are
also witnessing an acceleration of investments in these areas from our clients.
From individuals to states and throughout companies, artificial intelligence is now
the primary fuel for technological disruptions at all scales.
Far from the fantasies accompanying its first steps, AI contributes to progress
throughout all sectors.
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Web3 beyond the hype

The past few months have been a rough awakening for many Web3 enthusiasts: the market prices of major cryptocurrencies have declined significantly, the trading volume of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has slowed, and, most importantly, some pioneers of the space have declared bankruptcy because of failed risk management and misuse of consumer funds. Yet even as the debris continues to fly, business leaders shouldn’t confuse market fluctuations or bad actors with the potential uses of digital assets and the technologies that underlie them.
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World Happiness Report
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the World Happiness Report, which uses global survey data to report how people evaluate their own lives in more than 150 countries worldwide. The World Happiness Report 2022 reveals a bright light in dark times. The pandemic brought not only pain and suffering but also an increase in social support and benevolence. As we battle the ills of disease and war, it is essential to remember the universal desire for happiness and the capacity of individuals to rally to each other’s support in times of great need.
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Tech Reputation Report
Globally, Tech Reputation is down – for Hardware, Software, and Media & Entertainment Technology industries. 2022 Tech Report dives into our global reputation data to understand this latest transformation, and we’re sharing it with you.
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The Metaverse Overview: Vision, Technology, and Tactics
Facebook's renaming to Meta in October 2021 ignited global enthusiasm for the Metaverse. Capital market valuations of Metaverse-related stocks reached a peak one month later, but just three months after that, valuations of some Metaverserelated stocks had dropped by 20%-50%. People's attitudes towards the Metaverse have shifted from excitement and ambition to rationality and exploration
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The Metaverse, beyond fantasy
For many, the term “Metaverse” first entered their consciousness when Facebook changed its name to Meta in later 2021. At the time, many people assumed it was merely a passing trend, focused on gamers and younger audiences, with little or no relevance to them or their businesses. However, key players and consultancies have since been falling over themselves to declare its huge potential, outdoing each other with the scale of their market forecasts. In this report we have sought to provide a realistic picture for businesses, focusing in particular on the technologies that are necessary to realize the Metaverse.
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Minister for the future
The collection offers up a cross-section of the kinds of trends, technologies and cultural shifts which will loom large on the policymaking horizon in coming decades.
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