Breathe Safely in Space

(we have a solution)
On the Earth, we inhale millions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that could get more dangerous in space due to
weakened immune system, more infectious aerosol pathogens and lack of healthcare.
our solution
On the earth, various ways to get rid of pathogens are already provided, and one of them is a relatively new technique based on the use of UV germicidal light. We took this simple principle and added some new ideas to it.

We propose a filter for the sanification of air that works by means of magnification of UV germicidal light. From literature and calculations based on simulations we have concluded that our filter will potentially inactivate the pathogens, preventing their replication. Furthermore the system will have long lifetime and low maintenance, which are crucial factors for the space sector.

99.9% inactivation efficiency of pathogens by magnification of UV-C radiation. The use of UV-C sources prevents the replication of aerosols and assures a long-lived system with low maintenance.

Breathe Safely.
The space is dangerous environment in many ways and many are the preventive steps to be taken.
We believe that, with the help of this filter, humanity will make one step closer. Breathe safely in space.
How it works
We have a cylindrical air ventilation system where the air contaminated with pathogens comes in the left part with the help of a ventilator and leaves the system as clean.
We have UV-C LEDs whose light reflects multiple times on the surface of the cylinder, that is coated with a highly reflective material, and produce enough energy to damage the pathogens DNA.
This structure will be powered by solar power and already existing laboratories in the ISS can provide almost real-time information about the present pathogens.